As the weather looks not too good today (26.8.2013), the Ultimate Team from Hohenheim has invited us to join them for the training today. We will ask at about 4 PM if the grass fields are open and write an email between 4 PM and 5 PM.

If the grass fields are closed at the university, Hannes and me will be going to Hohenheim and everybody is invited to join us. The alternative training will take place at the university sports area in Hohenheim:

The sports area is on the right (Egilolfstr.), the subway station (Plieningen Garbe) on the bottom of the map.


  • Please write your name and if you have a car, need a place in a car or go there on your own.
  • If possible, please bring a white (or not dark) and a black (or dark) shirt.

We meet at 6 pm at the University sports grounds at Allmandring or at 6:30 pm in Hohenheim, Egilolfstr..


  1. Philipp (need place in car)
  2. Hannes
  3. Markus (Bike)
  4. Dave
  5. Johannes (Bike)
  6. Simon (Bike)


  • Hannes (+4) (from University sports grounds)
    1.  Philipp
  • Dave (+4) (from University sports hall/gymnasium)
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