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The tournament is taking place at Robert Beach (Am Eventpark 20, 85609 Aschheim) on Sept 23-25 2016.

Please send an email to the following address (

providing the following details:



Player Level (1/2- Beginner, 9/10 National Team Player):

Vegetarian/Dietary Requirements (e.g. no white sausage on Sun):

T-Shirt Size (Mens/Womens and S, M, L, XL):

Accommodation needed during tournament (Yes/No and Thurs/Fri-Sun):

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with the details on how to pay. You spot is only confirmed once you have paid. The tournament fills up fast – first paid – first in!

All the information: Bearbeiten

·        Program: The dates are September 23 + 24 + 25(Friday to Sunday)

·        Price: 70€

·      Thursday night: We will be in the Oktoberfest (Hofbräu-Tent Box15) - as always. Come and join us for a few beers!

·        Friday: Games start at 9.00am. We play all day and after a great day of playing ultimate, we eat a yummy dinner and have a tropical dance party at Roberto Beach Bar – where we can drink more yummy beer.

·        Saturday will be purely “Fiesta!”: A whole day of party, beer, rides, bavarian music.......We will be in the HB Tent like every year. You´ll have the whole morning to stroll around the Oktoberfest & visit some other tents and fairground rides - then we'll some more drink beer together in the afternoon!

·        Sunday: Games will start at 9:30. “Weisswurst Breakfast” will be served from 8:30. The final finishes at 16.15 and is followed by short closing ceremony! ...and time for a good-bye beer!

·        Games: This hat tournament is purely on sand. We do not play on grass – so less luggage for you guys. We have two fields - one indoor and one outdoor! You play 5 games on Friday and 3 games on Sunday.

·        Venue: (the same location as previous years). The address is: am Sportpark 20, 85609 Aschheim (in Munich)

·        Accommodation: Thursday night and Sunday night: Please note that we cannot provide accommodation for everyone. Munich Frisbee players will try host up to 50 players privately during the tournament

·        Food: Friday night –dinner at Roberto Beach. Sunday morning - famous Bavarian Breakfast at Roberto Beach which consists of: 2 pretzels, 2 white sausages, sweet mustard and a Weissbier– this breakfast is the best and also the best tasting way to get rid of a hangover. Please note: All food is organised directly by the venue. When signing up, let us know if you are vegetarian (or don't want cheese/Bavarian breakfast etc.) so we can tell the venue to prepare something else.

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